Tuesday, December 30, 2014



Despite our efforts and struggles over the past five years for a frequency,  we are still to date (December 22 2014) being frustrated in our efforts to launch our radio station.


                 (Mrs Sally Padaychie (on the right) met with Ms Faith Muthambi recently about our frequency requirements)..

In our last report of October 18 2014, we reported that we are in negotiations with the new Minister of Communications, Ms Faith Muthambi, and her appointed officials. Our Mrs Sally Padaychie, wife of the late Minister Roy Padaychie, has held talks with the Minister and one of her officials in Pretoria about a month ago. We have supplied the official concerned with all the information required once again regarding our struggles to obtain a frequency.
We even pointed out there is one frequency that is not in use in and around the Durban area and we would be grateful if this frequency could be granted to us. We are still waiting for the official concerned to come back to us. We are hoping that once the festive season passes us and the New year dawns, Minister Muthambi and her officials will rally to our representations for this frequency to be alloted to us.
We wish to advise that we are in communications with various role players at the national social and political levels regarding our struggles for a frequency.

We have to report that our supporters and target market are eagerly waiting for Southside FM Radio to be launched but they are becoming impatient and frustrated.
"What is the delay and why are we being denied our right for a radio station," is the common response of our supporters and those looking forward to Southside FM Radio in operation.
We have tried to re-assure our supporters that negotiations are in progress with the Minister and her officials but most people believe that our democratic and constitutional rights are being repressed.

As reported in our previous communications, we wish to advise that once the Minister and her officials act decisively to grant us the frequency, we will be based at the Mount Edgcombe Mariammen Cultural Centre.
The officials of the Centre have informed us that they are looking forward to Southside FM Radio being stationed at the centre as Mount Edgcombe is one of the first areas where our indentured forefathers and mothers had settled. It's now 154 years since our forefathers and mothers had been brought down like "slaves" to work on the sugar plantations in the former Natal Colony but yet to date we do not have a radio station to promote our rich history, cultures, languages, traditions and music.
We are hoping our struggles over the past five years will bear fruit at the earliest possible time.

Scores of people have expressed their interest to help as presenters, music compilers and reporters. We have all of them on file and will be keeping them informed of our progress.

To our sponsors and donors who have contributed financially and passed on old music records, we want to say that the struggle continues.  Our Board members are determined to continue with the struggles until we launch our radio station.

Our first democratic president and freedom icon, Nelson Mandela, once said:
"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up."
He also said: "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
"Do not judge me by my successes, judge be by how many times I fell down and got back up again."

Like our beloved Madiba, we must also strive and struggle and never give up until we emerge victorious. This will only be when we launch Southside FM radio.

Board of Governors: Mr Balan Gounder (chairperson), Ms Keresha Govender (treasurer), Mrs Sally Padaychie, Ms Thirupuriesundrie Govender (asst secretary), Mr Logan Naidoo, Mr Swaminathan Gounden, Mr Richard Naidoo (deputy chairperson), Mr Denis Naidoo and Mr Subry Govender