Monday, January 7, 2019


The ruling ANC is busy finalising its list of 200 members for national parliament. The ANC leaders have met in Durban over the past few days and have announced that the list would only be released at the end of this month. The list will come into operation after the national general elections scheduled for some time in May. The spokespersons for the ANC have emphasised that while they will be choosing members who have clean records and are corrupt-free, they will also be taking into account the demographics of the country. The spokespersons have also emphasised the ANC’s commitment to a free, non-racial and democratic society. The ANC’s selection of its 200 list members for national parliament has taken place at a time when the ruling party is busy preparing for its all-important rally at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Saturday (12) to release its January 8 statement. While the ruling party talks of taking into account demographics and committing to the values and principles of non-racial and democracy, there are still many people in society who are concerned about the increasing tendencies of racial hatred that has currently gripped our country and the violent crime rate that has forced people to live like hostages in their own homes. “There is no future for our grand-children” has become the common expression by many people. This kind of fear has no place in our society but it is a reality. It goes against the sacrifices made by our leaders during the struggles against white minority rule and domination.
(Dr Farouk Meer with other struggle stalwarts - Thumba Pillay and Professor Jerry Coovada) In 2008 when the ANC was preparing for its crucial national elective conference in Polokwane, I had compiled this radio documentary about the need for a true non-racial and democratic society in order to assure the people that they would not be deserted. I included in the report interviews with the former secretary of the now-disbanded Natal Indian Congress, Dr Farouk Meer, and political activist, Yunus Carrim, about the importance of a non-racial and democratic society.
(Yunus Carrim who is now an ANC member of Parliament.) This radio documentary is being re-published in order to inform people about the invaluable roles played by our struggle stalwarts for a race-free, safe and democratic future.
I sincerely hope that it will provide some information to all people of the contributions made by progressive leaders and organisations such as the Natal Indian Congress and the United Democratic Front.

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