Thursday, April 25, 2019


The Board of Governors of Southside FM Radio in Durban, South Africa, have asked the government agency, ICASA, in a latest communication on April 12 (2019) to state clearly when the radio station would be granted a frequency. The Board took the latest move after ICASA stated in a letter to Southside on April 2 (2019) that the Durban area was “highly congested” and no frequencies were available. This is the letter that ICASA had sent to Southside: ICASA Independent Communications Authority of South Africa 350 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Eco Point Office Park Eco Park, Centurion. Private Bag X10, Highveld Park 0169 Telephone number: (012) 568 3000/1 SM Spectrum Licensing Tel: +27 12 568 3285 Fax: +27 12 568 3286 Email: Ref: 001/Southside/April/19 Mr Subry Govender 59 Musgrave Road, Durban (NPO No: 089 - 426) Per email: Dear Mr Govender Re: Southside FM Radio 1. We refer to the meeting between Southside FM and Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ("the Authority") held on 23 January 2019. 2. The Authority reiterated that Durban area is highly congested and frequencies are not available. The Authority has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in attempts to identify any usable frequencies. Several correspondences were exchanged between Southside FM and the Authority relating to non availability of spectrum in the Durban area. 3. Southside FM requested the Authority to investigate the feasibility of identifying a frequency in the Phoenix area for use by Southside FM; and 4. In continued efforts to assist Southside FM to have access to a frequency, the Authority acceded to Southside FM's request. Dr. K Modimoeng (Acting Chairperson), N Gongxeka-Seopa, P Kadi, P Mashile, BC Mokhele, Adv. D Qocha, T Semane, PJ Zimri (Councillors), WA Ngwepe (CEO) em 5. After thorough technical analysis by the Authority, Southside FM is advised as follows: 6. The frequency scan was performed around Phoenix area to search for the feasible frequency to use; 7. The frequency scan results indicated that there is no available frequency in the area as all the frequencies from 87.5 to 108 MHz are currently in use. 8. The frequency of 105.4 MHz was further analysed for feasibility because it was the only frequency that had the lowest receivable signal strength as per the frequency scan results. 9. Further analysis performed was that of the interference. The interference analysis results showed that the 105.4 MHz will cause interference to the licensed broadcasters. 10. All efforts to secure an interference free frequency have been exhausted. We hope that you find the above in order. Yours sincerely, P Molefe Philemon Molefe Senior Manager Spectrum Licensing Date: 02,04 / 2019 ICASA sent the above letter to Southside after Southside had written to ICASA and asked whether ICASA had identified any frequencies in Phoenix, Verulam and the North Coast. This was raised by Southside during a meeting with ICASA at its headquarters in Centurion, Pretoria, on January 23 (2019). In response to ICASA’s latest letter of April 2, Southside submitted the following letter to ICASA. Southside wanted to know exactly when a frequency would be granted to Southside. SOUTHSIDE FM RADIO (NPO No: 089 - 426) 59 Musgrave Road, Durban Tel: 082 376 9053/ 031 - 568 13009 email: Asst. Secretary: ( Mr Philemon Molefe Senior Manager: Spectrum Licensing ICASA Centurion Pretoria Dear Mr Molefe We wish to kindly and great-fully acknowledge receipt of your letter dated April 2 2019. Your letter was in response to our meeting held at your head offices in Centurion on January 23 2019 about the urgent need for a frequency for us to launch our much-needed cultural radio station. Southside has been patiently waiting for a frequency for nearly nine years. In view of the contents of your April 2 letter, we would kindly appreciate you informing us as to exactly when we would be granted a frequency. This information is of utmost importance to us as we have been told by your CEO, Mr Willington Ngwepe, and other ICASA and government officials that a frequency would only become available in our target areas once the digital migration programme is completed. Please let us know whether this will be at the end of 2019 or 2020. Once again we want to thank you sincerely for going the extra mile in trying to assist Southside to obtain a frequency. We are hopeful that this frequency will become available at the soonest possible date. Meanwhile, we wish to kindly inquire whether there are any further action that Southside must pursue in its goal to establish our radio station. Many thanks and kind regards. Subry Govender Secretary 082 376 9053 Board of Governors: Ms Sally Padaychie (chairperson), Mr Balan Gounder (deputy chairperson), Mr Richard Naidoo (deputy chairperson), Mr Deven Moodley (treasurer), Mr Denis Naidoo (deputy treasurer), Ms V. Naidoo (assistant secretary), Mr Logan Naidoo, Mr Swaminathan Gounden, Mr Sumeshen Moodley, Mr Richard Govender, Ms Roxanne Gounden, Mr Mari Ramaya-Pillay (Johannesburg), Dr M Sooboo (Pretoria), Dr Dilly Naidoo, Mr Kiru Naidoo (PRO) and Mr Subry Govender (Secretary).

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