Thursday, February 6, 2020


Vanakkam, Namaskaram, Sanibonani and Namasthe. We wish to advise that due to unforeseen circumstances, the completion of our office and the construction of our broadcasting and recording studios at 59 Musgrave Road, Durban, will take another three months. This delay has been relayed to us by the architect following a joint inspection conducted on Wednesday, Feb 5, by the architect, sound and studio technician and Southside officials, Mr Subry Govender, Logan Naidoo and Mr Naidoo’s personal assistant, Ms Roxanne Gounden. In view of this latest development, we wish to advise that our official launch will also be delayed as we need at least one month for our selected Presenters and News Readers to undergo the necessary training. In the meanwhile, however, we will proceed with our programme to recruit our Presenters, News Readers/Reporters, Office Secretary/Librarian, Advertising Representatives, Deputy Station Manager, and Marketing Person. We have already received more than 40 applications for the various positions and continue to receive more applications. We will invite all the applicants for a briefing and for the selected candidates to undergo training. The candidates will undergo training at the hands of veteran radio personalities and at least one seasoned university speech and drama professor. We NOW hope to launch in four months once we have ironed out all processes and professionally prepared our Presenters and News Readers/Reporters. The delay, although unforeseen, will also help us to prepare programmes for the commemoration of the 160th anniversary of the arrival of our indentured forefathers and mothers in November 1860. Southside FM Radio was initially projected to honour our forbears who sacrificed enormously for the development in all fields of life, not only their descendants, but also the attainment of a free, democratic and non-racial South Africa, which we achieved in April 1994. Subry Govender Secretary Board of Governors: Ms Sally Padaychie (chairperson), Mr Balan Gounder (deputy chairperson), Mr Richard Naidoo (deputy chairperson), Mr Deven Moodley (treasurer), Mr Denis Naidoo (deputy treasurer), Ms V. Naidoo (assistant secretary), Mr Logan Naidoo, Mr Swaminathan Gounden, Mr Sumeshen Moodley, Mr Richard Govender, Ms Roxanne Gounden, Mr Mari Ramaya-Pillay (Johannesburg), Dr M Sooboo (Pretoria), Dr Dilly Naidoo, Mr Kiru Naidoo (PRO) and Mr Subry Govender (Secretary).


  1. Please advisecwhen radio southside goes on Air.Waited patiently thinking that it would happen on yesterday being tamil new year

  2. Hi we have been delayed by the Coronovirus. This has disrupted our completion of our studios and the recruitment of our presenters and news readers.